Quad Nova Group Inc. is adept at solving business problems through integrated customized software solutions.

Read about a few of our projects below.

Web-based MGA Quoting and Binding System

Problem: Our client, one of the largest MGA's in the country, migrated to a new, Windows-based Insurance Enterprise Management Solution as their core system. The company's brokers were coming from a web-based system and the new Windows client felt cumbersome and difficult to navigate. While full of features and containing a robust data model, the system did not provide a streamlined workflow for their brokers to easily market their submissions and get quotes quickly out the door. READ MORE

Sales Goal
Tracking System

Problem:  In a sales-oriented business, our client needed near real-time access to their revenue figures to compare with sales goals.  However, they were undergoing a transition between two platforms where revenue was generated.  Reports existed in their BI portal but were slow to run, put a strain on their production databases, and often would not provide a complete picture from both of their systems. The client asked, “How do we fix this and make it work for us?” READ MORE

Enterprise Document Management System

Problem:  Our wholesale insurance client was growing at a rapid pace each year, as much as thirty percent! With the increased volume came a sharp increase in the amount of paper files that required storage and maintenance in order to comply with regulatory standards.  The manpower to manage and move paper files between employees' desks was growing.  Printing email correspondence to maintain in a paper file quickly became unmanageable. READ MORE

Document Conversion Engine

Problem: Our client's core system was an AS400 and had a requirement to convert a high volume of documents - PDF to TIF, PCL to PDF, TIF splitting and combining, and TIF to PDF. The AS400 was generating the bulk of the documents but the system was not ideal for the conversion process. A fleet of Windows PCs were set up, each one running a different type of conversion process, however, they were unreliable and often needed user intervention to resolve errors. READ MORE

Power i Integrations with 3rd Party Quoting System

Problem:  In 2008, our client purchased a web-based Policy Administration System (PAS) to manage one sector of their business. The AS400 was used as their core system at the time and held their accounting software. The client wanted to provide access to their external customers to specific areas of the PAS system. How could the systems communicate with each other in real-time so that critical data flowed between the two platforms? READ MORE