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Power i innovators

A division of Quad Nova International Systems

Quad Nova International Systems has a division of experienced programming specialists that work fluently within the IBM Power i (AS400) server environment. "Our Power i Innovators are a team of experts applying out of the box applications and developing custom solutions to keep your company competitive within the IBM Power i (AS400) environment."

The Power i’s are great machines, but require serious talent to be developed, integrated and customized to meet business objectives. Companies need a qualified proactive team, such as Power i Innovators, to modernize the interfaces, troubleshoot problems, grow or even plan and transition to newer platforms without pain. Even if a company's directive is to migrate from the IBM Power i, we help companies make the transition from the IBM Power i to another platform.


We are a modern development team, here to build applications for your Power i. We will walk you through the full software development lifecycle, from requirement gathering to development, to post production support, and everything in between.

Let our Power i enthusiasts enhance your current system and explore functionality beyond the green screen. Power i Innovators offer a wide range of services including:


Planning and budgeting

Optimization and re-engineering of current code

Training on modern programming techniques

Legacy application development


Integration and migrations

Web based solutions including mobile development

Need to build a data bridge between your Power i and a newly acquired system? 

We can help you seamlessly integrate your Power i with Windows and Unix server in your network.  We build everything from flat files to XML to full-blown web services. 

Take advantage of the native security feature on the Power i to ensure your data transfers are safe.

Establish file system sharing between all of your platforms using MFS/NFS/QNTC

Migrate your existing DB2 data to a new enterprise application

Use java to talk to an LDAP server and perform directory look ups

Our Approach

The Power i is one of the most broadly capable systems on the market today. But so few take advantage of its full potential, often using Windows or Linux systems to develop applications with a modern look and feel, when their existing midrange system could handle the job more securely and cost effectively.

The Power i ILE environment allows you to leverage many classes and scripts available in the public domain like Java.  Power i Innovators are experienced in many modern languages to enhance your Power i workhorse capabilities.

Scott Finson | IT Director
Professional Management Inc

PMI has worked with Quad Nova starting in 2003. A constant and continuing relationship has been maintained since that time.  During the past 14 years Quad Nova has developed and implemented software efficiencies touching on all aspects of PMI’s systems. From charge capture to payment posting and patient collections, Quad Nova’s System i (AS/400) expertise has become integral to PMI’s success.

Power i Project Profiles

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