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Enterprise Document Management System


Our wholesale insurance client was growing at a rapid pace each year, as much as thirty percent. With the increased volume came a sharp increase in the amount of paper files that required storage and maintenance in order to comply with regulatory standards. The manpower to manage and move paper files between employees' desks was growing. Printing email correspondence to maintain in a paper file quickly became unmanageable.


  • Capture email, fax correspondence and all document creation automatically from the core transactional system.

  • Manual archiving of documents needed to be quick and easy in order to gain user acceptance.

  • The Quad Nova team worked with subject matter experts to determine a filing structure that worked for all business units.


  • APIs were developed that could be called from the company's existing applications to auto archive documents and emails behind-the-scenes, so users were not required to perform extra steps to archive documents.

  • Created a personal desktop to allow users to manage and file items. Additional features include reassigning a document, splitting a large document into smaller ones and discarding specific pages.



Emails and documents typically appear within seconds in the system enabling users to work efficiently.


Using shared desktops helped facilitate the outsourcing of back office tasks as the queue of work was managed in a central application.


Moving older documents to a cloud-based storage solution has provided significant cost saving versus expensive hard drives.


Eliminated the need for physical storage space of paper files. Services to cart away old paper files to offsite storage facilities was no longer necessary.

An example of the value that I recognize from Quad Nova – As our company grows and our employees fully utilize our enterprise level imaging system, we have a need to increase storage space on a frequent basis.  This can be quite expensive and time consuming for our Infrastructure team to build, implement and maintain.  Quad Nova recommended and architected a cloud based solution (Amazon) to meet our storage needs.  The solution has been in place several years now, works flawlessly and the incremental storage costs are a fraction of what the physical storage solutions would have cost.

Mark Melander | All Risks, Ltd.
Chief Administrative Officer

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