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Design Patterns for Serverless Systems

December 2021

Serverless systems are rapidly growing and it can be strenuous to pick the right managed service. This article explains the different approaches to making decisions.


AI-enabled tools might completely change development…one day

December 2021

Will AI help developers to write the code in future? Imagine, developers will no longer go to Google or Stack Overflow when they are stuck with a challenging issue!


Building a (Big) Data Pipeline the Right Way

December 2021

External data can be beneficial to the businesses but can be quite costly if not planned and managed properly. Several approaches for building a Big Data pipeline are described in the article.


Why most machine learning projects stumble

December 2021

3 pitfalls to avoid during your ML proof-of-concept (POC), how to address them, and successfully launch your product to market.


5 Benefits of Virtualization

November 2021

 Virtualization has become a necessity for all organizations. It can increase scalability while simultaneously reducing expenses. Developers can quickly spin up and clone a virtual machine to run tests independently. Worth reading.

Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 11.44.01 AM.png

Is Low-Code the Future of Development?

November 2021

Low-code development has gained popularity over the years and includes convenient graphical user interface to ease development but is this the future or just a passing fad?

Screen Shot 2021-10-15 at 3.00.46 PM.png

An Analogy of Types of Mobile Apps and Which is Best Suited for Your Business

October 2021

Which route will you choose for your app development process - native, hybrid, and web applications? Selecting one will depend on the cost, scalability, time to market, purpose, and manpower availability.  


Insurers using AI to standardize contracts and boost efficiency

April 2021

When COVID-19 first struck, insurance companies around the world had to scramble to figure out their exposure to the systemic socio-economic event. No one had a clear idea about the impact of the pandemic, and so the first problem they had to solve was to work out how many contracts in their portfolios could potentially pay out for pandemic-related claims. For large, incumbent insurers, doing that analysis on a broad portfolio of policies was a huge challenge due to the urgency of the task and the strict compliance requirements surrounding it.

Screen Shot 2021-03-30 at 1.10.02 PM.png

Conversational Platform Trends for 2021

March 2021

Live chat and conversational platform technologies have made significant advancements in the past few years. Thanks to AI and machine learning, these implementations have gone beyond just being a customer support tool, to a crucial component of an e-commerce website's revenue engine. With the pandemic ongoing, e-commerce is booming right now at the expense of brick-and-mortar. But with Amazon still accounting for 44 percent of all online transactions, e-commerce business owners must constantly search for ways to keep customers on their site and returning for future business.


The insurtech way: what it takes to reduce technical debt

March 2021

"Technical Debt" , created by software developer Ward Cunningham, captures the idea that technology, like any financial debt, incurs interest. This interest is measured in the additional time and mounting costs it takes to implement changes or systems upgrades because of the existing infrastructure beneath it. In this insightful interview with Bart Patrick, Managing Director of Duck Creek Technologies in Europe, you'll see what it takes to reduce technical debt and what technologies play an important role - but still have great untapped potential in this process. 


5 steps to start your enterprise app modernization

February 2021

Prepare to modernize! Every well-executed plan begins with a bit of preparation. Your enterprise application modernization project should be no different. As a first question, we like to ask, “Is our project aligned with the priorities of the business?” Sure, it’s simple—but it’s an important first thought.


6 IoT Predictions for 2021: What's Next?

January 2021

What are the expert IoT predictions for 2021? Smarter homes, cities and workplaces as the internet of things gains ever more prominence. The Internet of Things (IoT) will undoubtedly continue to play a significant role in society for the foreseeable future. Here are six 2021 IoT predictions for people to anticipate in the coming year.


Cybersecurity Posture is a Must in an Anti-Cyber-Attack

December 2020

More than 10 years ago, fewer than one in four companies relied on the Internet for their business. But now,  it is 100 percent. Despite this growth,  the Internet has now been accompanied by a steady increase in the severity of “Cyber-Attacks.”Billions of business individuals worldwide have had their personal data stolen, exposed, and rapidly occurring at a high frequency.


The VP of Software Development at Oracle reveals what's brewing for the future of Java.

July 2020

My first experience with Java came in my second computer science class, Fundamentals of CS. The intro to programming course used C++, and was my first programming outside of BASIC. With the intro course, I learned loops and logic, variables and function declaration, memory allocation, and basic objects and classes. 


With remote work on the rise, some companies are connecting employees in a "SimCity"-like virtual replica of their offices.

May 2020

Stay-home orders and the shuttering of workplaces have given corporate employees some respite from getting dragged into time-wasting water-cooler conversations.


With working from home on the rise, companies are increasingly relying on VPN security to reduce the risk of cybercrime.

May 2020

Most of us are spending more time at home now than ever before and are either working from home or trying to find ways to keep ourselves occupied while sheltering in place. Either way, we’re connected to the internet, making cybersecurity tools like Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), more popular than ever.

Screenshot_2020-06-26 Your face mask sel

Face mask selfies are being used by researchers to improve facial recognition algorithms.

May 2020

Your face mask selfies aren't just getting seen by your friends and family -- they're also getting collected by researchers looking to use them to improve facial recognition algorithms.

it jobs.jpg

With requests for new infrastructure increasing to support working from home, some creating IT financing options have emerged

May 2020

The COVID-19 responders on the front lines also include IT staff members who worked around the clock to deliver the IT services that workers within all industry segments needed to continue functioning.


Is your cat impacting your new at-home workspace? See how NASA's employees handle their new feline co-workers

April 2020

Daniel Lakey was in the middle of an important meeting when an unauthorized participant decided to chime in.


Could robots help with the corona pandemic? Autonomous robots could enable telemedicine to keep humans out of harm's way

March 2020

We humans weren’t ready for the novel coronavirus—and neither were the machines. The pandemic has come at an awkward time, technologically speaking.


What's next for automation?  Check out the predictions from members of the Forbes Technology Council.

February 2020

Automation is firmly established in the workplace, and many businesses have benefited greatly from this rapidly evolving technology.


You ever wonder where the idea of keyboard shortcuts came from? Well let's just say some ideas were merely mistakes

June 2019

One of the programmers’ pet peeves was that whenever the computer encountered a coding glitch, they had to manually restart the entire system.


A startup called Supporti helps people reach their goals by setting them up with a buddy to help keep them on track.

January 2020

Many people ring in the new year with ambitious resolutions, perhaps striving to lose weight, get more exercise, look for a new job, curb their use of digital devices or read more.


The Green Flyway research project is trying to aid test flights of drones and electric-powered aircrafts.

January 2020

Drones and electric-powered aircraft will soon be flying across the border between Norway and Sweden.


Cyber-threats have increased rapidly, so what happens when we shed light on these hackers ?

January 2020

Cyber-threat activity has become an increasingly common topic of discussion in the media, and society in general.


Good back up systems saved Port St. Lucie's sheriff's office after hackers attempted to extort $1 Million!

January 2020

"Everything," said St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office IT Manager, John Hammond. "Everything from our payroll to our booking system at the jail, to our reports that our deputies use in the field. All of those were shut down as a result of this activity."

Writing on Computer

Calling all developers and designers, are forms a thing of the past?

July 2019

AI Based Conversational Interfaces Will Become a Substitute for Web Forms

Vegetable Garden

Inside the farm of the future

July 2019

The farms of the future are harvesting more than crops. They're using cloud tech with a side of AI to generate data to grow your groceries more efficiently.

Laptop Work

Is a conversational AI right for you?

June 2019

9 Critical Questions to Consider When Assessing a Conversational AI Solution


Apple will soon require apps to offer Sign In With Apple

June 2019

Hey app developers, get ready to support Sign In With Apple later this year!


Is technology helping people adopt?

May 2019

Applications like Eharmony prove that there is a science behind relationship chemistry, but what if we applied these types of algorithms to adoption? Programs like Family Match are using just that to match waiting children with approved families in hopes of creating the best match possible


The next wave of API management

December 2021

Are you properly managing your APIs? You still need an API management even if you have a service mesh. Why? Check the article!


Testing in DevOps

December 2021

Does your team perform testing in DevOps? Learn how it helps to release applications faster, with more confidence and less bugs!


7 trends changing continuous delivery and release automation

December 2021

Continuous delivery is becoming a bet for software companies. Check what's new in CI/CD.


Why software testing needs explainable AI

November 2021

Solving the AI Black Box testing problem through explainable AI (XAI). XAI is a set of tools and frameworks to help you understand the results made by ML models. 

Is XAI a future of AI/ML applications?


Machine learning: Practical applications for the insurance industry

November 2021

How ML optimizes processes in Insurance - Fraud prevention, Claims processing and Risk Management. Spoiler, reliable Data is a must-have!

Screen Shot 2021-10-29 at 10.52.51 AM.png

Performance Testing: Essentials, Process, and Best Practices

October 2021

Software performance testing is valuable for diagnosing bottlenecks which can drive users and customers away. Check out these tips to see how your system will react under load. 

Screen Shot 2021-10-08 at 11.57.25 AM.png

Improve Customer Engagement in Insurance

October 2021

Having a good customer service experience is essential in keeping existing customers, and increasing retention levels to improve the businesses' profitability. For the insurance industry, this means using new technologies that allow you to analyze the data of patterns and behaviors so you can better understand your customer. 

Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 2.16.55 PM.png

What Factors Will Make Your Website More Credible?

April 2021

Do you know that one element you need to convert more website visitors into paying customers is credibility? Yes, that is right. Potential customers that do not trust you will not buy from you. Your website is the central online hub, your business’s digital portrayal, and often the first stop for potential customers. The first question that visitors have when they land on your website is whether they can trust you.


Can Entrepreneurs and Developers Just Get Along? Yes, Using These 4 Methods.

March 2021

When my company took on a significant project delivering production-ready code in the entertainment space, we moved faster than our clients expected -- and this created a problem. Our releases needed hot fixes, but we didn’t have enough access to their code and environments to do a Q&A cycle. So, when the product we developed didn’t work, we didn’t have the tools to fix it. And what was their response to this lack of clarity? “You screwed up -- why should we give you access?”


Mainframe use is on the rise—driven by security and compliance requirements

February 2021

Is mainframe usage on the decline? That’s what we wanted to find out in Deloitte’s 2020 Mainframe Market Pulse Survey. From our work with IBM in organizations across industries, we were confident that the survey would show mainframes are still prevalent in the corporate world. And, in fact, the results showed that mainframe usage is rising.


Question Everything You Know about Your Business Processes

January 2021

There may have been a time when an organization’s automation strategy was defined primarily by siloed, ad hoc, and task-based workflows. Now, however, the most effective and impactful initiatives require business leaders to ask bigger, more challenging questions beyond simply what tasks can be automated and the ROI on cost reduction. Here is how to question everything you know about your business processes.


The Problem With Defining Bad Algorithms in Software Development

January 2021

Increasingly, our lives are run by algorithms. When we run to Google for search for the answer to a question that’s been plaguing us, we’re tapping into an algorithm that will find us the best possible result. When we open Facebook or Twitter for a rundown of all the latest news and updates from our friends, we’re relying on an algorithm to show us the most relevant content. We can even use algorithms to make predictions, evaluate data, and help us make better decisions in our jobs.


Windows turns 35: a visual history

December 2020

The PC revolution started off life 35 years ago this week. Microsoft launched its first version of Windows on November 20th, 1985, to succeed MS-DOS. It was a huge milestone that paved the way for the modern versions of Windows we use today. While Windows 10 doesn’t look anything like Windows 1.0, it still has many of its original fundamentals like scroll bars, drop-down menus, icons, dialog boxes, and apps like Notepad and MS paint.


Sony announces bug bounty program that rewards the hacker that can follow its strict rules of engagement

June 2020

Sony wasn’t impressed, and launched legal action against Hotz, even though the main purpose of Hotz’s reverse engineering seems to have been an attempt to allow PS3 owners to run alternative operating systems such as Linux or FreeBSD on their own devices.


Check out the results from Stack Overflow's 2020 Developer Survey.  Can you guess the 3 most loved languages by devs?

May 2020

he results of this survey reflect the opinions and experiences of nearly 65,000 developers. It’s important to note, however, that the survey was conducted in February, before COVID-19 had been declared a global pandemic, and countries across the world had gone into lockdown.


Cisco and others take advantage of VPN split-tunneling as working from home is continuing to grow.

May 2020

As work-from-home becomes the norm due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for secure access to enterprise resources continues to grow and with it the demand for ever-more VPN.


 IBM develops new strategies on 5G and edge computing

May 2020

These days it seems nearly every major tech company is working on offerings for 5G infrastructure and the elusive “edge.”


Github announces Codespace, a virtual IDE on the cloud, to let you code in your browser.  Have you tried it?

May 2020

In a major announcement for developers, GitHub has launched Codespaces — a feature that lets you code directly on the web.


A great list of resource if you're looking to build your technical skills

April 2020

Over the last several weeks, the team here at Stack Overflow has been working hard to lend a virtual hand to the developer and technical community.


 Hackers are spreading malicious sites disguised as coronavirus maps to attempt to give people malware

March 2020

As people seek out information about the spread of COVID-19, hackers are circulating fake dashboard that purport to show maps tracking the spread of coronavirus but that actually infect people's computers with malware when opened.

code.png has tutorials and a live weekly webcast aimed at teaching computer science to children.  Get your future-programmer started by coding a dance party!

February 2020

We are facing an incredibly challenging time with the global outbreak of COVID-19, grappling with growing concerns over health, our communities, and the economy.


FPL is offering entrepreneur teams $50,000 toward their ventures in renewable energy, water, or technology.

February 2020

FPL is investing $2.5 million in the first year and offering each entrepreneur team $50,000 toward their venture. The entrepreneurs will have access to FPL's experts in solar, renewable energy, smart-grid...


Learn how 12 companies used AI chatbots successfully to boost sales and save on customer support.

January 2020

Chatbots are software designed to simulate conversations with real people in chat apps. Also known as “conversational agents,” bots are virtual company representatives.

ai.warehouse.jpg uses a range of AI techniques to help robots learn new skills and improve performance of warehouse tasks.

January 2020

Some of the biggest names in artificial intelligence, including two godfathers of the machine learning boom, are betting that clever algorithms are about to transform the abilities of industrial robots.


Tech can be challenging to keep up with.  Check out readwrite's top conference picks for 2020.  Which ones are you attending?

January 2020

The world of tech is in constant flux, and it can feel challenging to keep up with the never-ending changes. Conferences are one of the best ways to keep up with what’s current in tech, showcasing some of the field’s best minds and allowing you to network with other business leaders.


Check out these events that teaches teens how to hack and code for the greater good

November 2019

The term hacker may typically be associated with negative connotations. However, TeenHacks LI is working with high school students by using hacking and coding to assist in philanthropic efforts worldwide.

Boy with Pug Puppy

 A Smartphone App Could Help Parents

July 2019

Want to know if your child might have an ear infection? There's an app for that. A Smartphone App And A Paper Funnel Could Help Parents Diagnose Kids' Ear Infections.


How Computer-Assisted Telepathy Helps Humans Communicate

July 2019

Computer-assisted telepathy could be the future of human communication. What practical use cases do you see for this exciting technology?

Office Space

AI-Based Framework for Agile Project Management

June 2019

Has your agile team experimented with any machine learning tools?

Technology Class

A robot that's good for the environment

June 2019

Introducing the sloth-bot, a robot that measures environmental changes while using slow movements to conserve energy!


South Florida Cancer Innovations

May 2019

Find out how this huge piece of new technology called the Cyclotron Delray Medical Center is making an even bigger difference in the world of technology and cancer treatment


How to team up security and engineering on software delivery

December 2021

Security and IT operations teams often work apart from one another. Learn how to address challenges and ultimately allow high-performing teams to bake security standards into software delivery.


7 Mistakes to Avoid While Implementing Conversational AI Solutions

December 2021

Making mistakes when using Conversational AI solutions, commonly used for Virtual Assistants and Chatbots, can downgrade results. How to prevent it?


Full-tilt cloud migration isn't easy: A 4-step approach to success

December 2021

Moving on-premises applications to the cloud is often challenging and require cautious planning. Do you know how to develop a successful cloud migration strategy?


Big Data Technology Success Cases and Trends 2021-25

November 2021

Big Data Trends and Impact across industries - eCommerce, Healthcare, Telecommunication, Education, Transport and more! Big Data is becoming the primary decision-making tool.


Digital transformation fails: Are you automating the wrong processes?

November 2021

Process intelligence and numeric analytic tools provide various process metrics and insights. It's the way to be aware of the blind spots and improve the process with new technologies.

Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 11.07.26 AM.png

IoT, AI Can Help Education Weather the Covid-19 Storm

October 2021

The education industry turns to IoT and AI to ease the pressures of moving to a virtual platform. Helpful application of the tech include keeping track of important resources, greater access to information, and improving the safety of their campuses.


Multi-Cloud Cost Optimization

April 2021

The popularity and confidence in cloud computing platforms continues to grow unabated.  More and more businesses are moving mission-critical workloads to public clouds.  Forbes recently projected that by 2021, 32% of IT budgets will be spent on public cloud platforms.  Forbes also points out that cloud spending has grown 59% on average since 2018.


Open Source Best Practices for Corporate IT

April 2021

Open source as a phenomenon has been around for quite a few years, tracing its roots to Tim O'Reilly who is often credited with popularizing the term and the concept back in 1998 by introducing it at one of his eponymous conferences. Since its early inception open source has been embraced by technologists the world over, despite some major software vendors attempting to compete with it in its early days. However, with the relatively recent purchase of GitHub by Microsoft, open source has truly gone mainstream, and even competitors have decided to join the community rather than attempt to compete against it.

Screen Shot 2021-03-19 at 10.20.27

Machine Learning Is Changing the Future of Software Testing

March 2021

The majority of software development teams believe they don't test well. They understand that the effect of quality defects is substantial, and they invest heavily in quality assurance, but they still aren't getting the results they want. This is not due to a lack of talent or effort -- the technology supporting software testing is simply not effective. The industry has been underserved.


7 ways tech apprenticeship programs have adapted during the pandemic

February 2021

Apprenticeship programs in tech allow employees from nontraditional backgrounds to gain applicable skills for jobs in the industry.At Callowhill-based Azavea, they’ve been used to strategically build its own talent pipeline piece by piece, targeting untapped communities and applicant pools. Through mentorship, client work and on-the-job learning, the program helps individuals who don’t have related experience or a formal degree learn software development.


How to design an agency website with user experience in mind

January 2021

User experience (UX) is defined as a person’s emotions and attitudes when they’re using a specific product. In the case of insurance agency websites, UX is shaped by how a site is perceived by the user and whether it provided value, as well as if it was easy to use, among other factors.

Screen Shot 2020-12-30 at 3.53.16 PM.png

Technology is Transforming the Insurance Sector

December 2020

The insurance industry, for a long time, has been driven by traditional business models. It continued its legacy business process and products for quite some time.  But with the intervention of innovative technology, the insurance industry has witnessed positive outcomes.


Where the jobs are: Tech hiring is on the rise

December 2020

Like so many other aspects of society, hiring has been dramatically shaken by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Hit by severe financial losses, organizations have had to cut back on their staffing needs. But that tide may be starting to turn for technology workers. A report released Wednesday by job site Dice finds that hiring in the tech sector appears to be stabilizing.


One data scientist pushes limits as she offers virtual coding camps for students nationwide to help keep them engaged and stimulated.

June 2020

When the coronavirus forced schools nationwide to shut down indefinitely, some 115,000 low-income students in Chicago, one of the country’s most segregated cities, were sent home without devices to use during quarantine. 


A lab at the University of Toronto uses AI and supercomputer-driven techniques to convert greenhouse gas into useful materials.

May 2020

At the University of Toronto, Ted Sargent runs a test kitchen of sorts. His team, composed of researchers and students, develops recipes, measures and mixes ingredients carefully, and then evaluates the aftermath.


Microsoft announces a new supercomputer built to train large-scale AI models which is now one the top five supercomputers.

May 2020

Microsoft has announced a new supercomputer built by the company in partnership with and for OpenAI to train large-scale AI models.


Cisco shines a light on new IT jobs emerging due to Covid-19

May 2020

The future of IT networking jobs is being shaped in part by the current demands created by the way businesses handle the COVID-19 situation but also by the rapid change in the way networks are being built.


One analyst's take on the impact marketplaces will have on enterprise IT.

April 2020

Adding functionalities to your infrastructure quickly, without having to go through a complex purchase, installation, and configuration process is invaluable.


Supercomputers are now on the team to search for any information to help create a COVID-19 vaccine

March 2020

The federal government is now adding supercomputers to its tool set in the hunt for ways to stop COVID-19.


Could A.I play a role in increasing

homeownership in minorities?


Artificial Intelligence and its inherent bias may not be as judgmental as previously thought, at least in the case of home loans.

hire me.jpg

Technology jobs are booming and here are 10 ways you can get a job in this field without having a tech degree

May 12

Jobs in tech are stronger than ever. In 2011, Amazon hired 22,500 people, bringing its workforce up to 56,200, and Google hired 8,000 people — more than ever in a single year.


As robots are evolving to look and act like humans, what impact will they have on our behavior and relationships?

April 2019

Fears about how robots might transform our lives have been a staple of science fiction for decades.


Paying hackers is no bad thing. Google confirms it paid hackers $6.5 Million last year to help ensure the security of the internet.

January 2020

Paying hackers is no bad thing. Which is why PayPal recently paid $15,300 (£11,700) to one, Tesla is offering $500,000 (£380,000) to any that can hack a Tesla Model 3, and Apple is prepared to cough up $1.5 million (£1.1 million) to iPhone hackers.


Recruiting new tech talent can be challenging.  Could bringing back apprenticeship programs help recruit for entry level positions?

January 2020

Companies challenged by the shortage of skilled technology staff are using an old-fashioned method—the apprenticeship—to recruit nontraditional workers for entry-level roles.


UPS is upgrading their fleet to include high-tech electric vans and a self-driving delivery pilot

January 2020

UPS is making moves to create a cleaner, more high-tech fleet with plans to buy up to 10,000 electric vans from a U.K. startup that it’s investing in.

Woman with Freckles

Samsung deepfake AI could fabricate a video of you

July 2019

The farms of the future are harvesting more than crops. They're using cloud tech with a side of AI to generate data to grow your groceries more efficiently.

Image by Erik  Lucatero

Microsoft’s new language app uses your phone’s camera

July 2019

Snap a photo and learn a new language! Check out this innovative app developed by Microsoft interns making learning a new language easier than ever.

Black Sedan on Road

Florida's new bill lets driver-less cars be tested

June 2019

There's something new on the Florida roads and it may not have a driver. Self-driving cars are now making their way to the Florida highways!


Election hacking has never been cheaper

June 2019

Election hacking is easier and cheaper today more than ever, with hacking tools available for as little as $500.


Is your financial data safe?

May 2019

Financial data is constantly at risk for a breach, making security an important aspect of the financial industry. IBM may be creating the solution with by using the IBM private cloud and encryption technology to keep crypto currency safe

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