JK Grafe, Owner and CEO

JK Grafe, Owner and CEO of Quad Nova Group Inc. has held positions as CIO and IT Manager in international companies. He has deep knowledge of the IBM mid-range platform and has successfully developed and implemented mission critical software solutions in aviation, manufacturing, healthcare, insurance and others. His entrepreneurial vision has made Quad Nova Group Inc. the premier provider of custom integrated software to solve critical business problems.

Building cutting-edge, customized software solutions

Key Team Members

Kerry Wetmiller

Kerry Wetmiller is an experienced technologist with more than a decade of practical experience designing and creating web applications. Kerry is responsible for interfacing with clients to understand their business challenges in order to design comprehensive technical solutions.  Kerry’s keen eye for front-end design and overall user experience makes her a great asset to Quad Nova Group. Kerry earned a Bachelor of Business Administration, Management Information Systems degree from Loyola University Maryland. She was also a recipient of a 2012 Baltimore Center of Excellence Award at a top investment bank in recognition of delivering high-quality, innovative solutions for critical applications.

Volker Schmelich, Chief Software Architect

Chief Software Architect, Volker Schmelich, was also born and raised in Germany. He holds the German equivalent of a U.S. Master of Science in Management Information Systems degree and graduated from the University of Leipzig, Germany. As the Chief Software Architect, Volker is responsible for engineering modern software applications from the ground up. Volker's passion for technology and attention to detail translates into innovative software for our customers.  Java, Spring Framework, and Hibernate are among his favorite tools for implementing complex enterprise systems. In his downtime, Volker enjoys exploring the latest in open-source software.

Quad Nova Group has been providing exceptional IT consulting services for the past 25 years. We collaborate with clients to understand their business needs and challenges. Then our experienced architects design innovative software using cutting-edge technology.


Our broad depth of experience covers a variety of industries, including deep knowledge in insurance, finance, HR, and medical, among many. From fully integrated document management systems to complex web service interfaces, Quad Nova Group has a history of delivering high-quality solutions.

Quad Nova Group brings extensive experience with IBM Power i (AS400). Our specialists, the Power i Innovators team, is devoted exclusively to assisting businesses on IBM Power i (AS400) servers, whether the client wants to seamlessly merge platforms with newer external systems—maintaining the stability of the old system while facilitating integrations and migrations with new applications, or transition to new platforms entirely. Our Power i Innovators is the “go-to” team.   

We have several office locations: Jacksonville and West Palm Beach, Florida and Baltimore, Maryland. We serve clients located throughout the United States. When necessary, a Quad Nova team member works at the client’s location on assignment.

The team at QuadNova continues to amaze me at their flexibility.  Whether creating a custom program for lead management, creating an enterprise wide imaging solution, helping my internal IT department to migrate off of an AS400 based insurance processing platform to a package system running on a Sybase platform or building an intuitive frontend to a package system, they not only come through for us but they exceed my expectations by continually thinking through the project and making many value added suggestions and enhancements to help our users.


They are a true partner.

Mark Melander, Chief Administrative Officer
All Risks, Ltd

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